• What is this “Back to The Future”
    Now we’ll have to decide – back to future or back to past or old normal In the midst of the mood swings due to the pandemic, the Bee Gees’ … the world has lost its glory so .so let’s find a brand new story resonates. The unknown that seems to be not going to leave us until an effective vaccine against all the different […]
  • Some indicators for the future of sustainable development
    The “indicators” below emerged with increased urgency, during the current Covid 19 pandemic, as vital priorities for a “green” recovery which could change the world’s view on “building back greener” behaviour – green is not a colour anymore (within the context of holistic sustainable development) Capitalism’s dark side has become glaringly exposed and that can be seen not only in the  rapid widening of the […]
  • Will there be a post-Covid green reset or ……..? Although the ecological principle of natural species selection when nature, amongst other mechanisms, attempts to cull overpopulations, is a scientific fact, this pandemic can probably not primarily be attributed to this and if indeed it may have been a natural process, humankind has evolved so far, technologically, that it can interrupt this phenomenon soon enough to […]
  • Some sustainability pointers for SME’s
    Links to articles and blogs re Sustainability– /blogs, 4 Bullets explaining the 3 P’s of sustainability People – Human resource & social support systems management Planet – natural eco system conservation& management Prosperity – good governance of business (eco) systems and supporting institutions & organisations (Posterity) – leaving a legacy which lasts 7 Things a business need to check around their sustainability Sound […]
  • Beeld artikel: “Is dit Volhoubaar?”
August 18, 2020

Beeld artikel: “Is dit Volhoubaar?”
August 11, 2020

International Sustainable Development Goals Index – South Africa’s position