• What is this “Back to The Future”
    Now we’ll have to decide – back to future or back to past or old normal In the midst of the mood swings due to the pandemic, the Bee Gees’ … the world has lost its glory so .so let’s find a brand new story resonates. The unknown that seems to be not going to leave us until an effective vaccine against all the different […]
  • Some indicators for the future of sustainable development
    The “indicators” below emerged with increased urgency, during the current Covid 19 pandemic, as vital priorities for a “green” recovery which could change the world’s view on “building back greener” behaviour – green is not a colour anymore (within the context of holistic sustainable development) Capitalism’s dark side has become glaringly exposed and that can be seen not only in the  rapid widening of the […]
  • Will there be a post-Covid green reset or ……..? Although the ecological principle of natural species selection when nature, amongst other mechanisms, attempts to cull overpopulations, is a scientific fact, this pandemic can probably not primarily be attributed to this and if indeed it may have been a natural process, humankind has evolved so far, technologically, that it can interrupt this phenomenon soon enough to […]
  • Some sustainability pointers for SME’s
    Links to articles and blogs re Sustainability– /blogs, 4 Bullets explaining the 3 P’s of sustainability People – Human resource & social support systems management Planet – natural eco system conservation& management Prosperity – good governance of business (eco) systems and supporting institutions & organisations (Posterity) – leaving a legacy which lasts 7 Things a business need to check around their sustainability Sound […]
  • Beeld artikel: “Is dit Volhoubaar?”
July 13, 2020

The “Probe Network for Business Excellence” is represented in South Africa, by HV Promotions and they are planning to utilise this collaboration to extend their reach with the wide range of business assessment instruments. One such tool includes an assessment for sustainability excellence, which of course is currently very relevant for businesses’ future plans to optimise their ability to stay healthy in difficult times. Plans […]
July 2, 2020

“Post- Covid” and environmental sustainability

Many questions arise about how the pandemic will influence the world’s environmental welfare. How are people ( authorities, civil society and industry , etc.) going to respond to the sustainability challenges which the changing world will impose on the world during and after the pandemic? In my opinion one of two scenario’s can play out. On the one hand a so called “green reset” or […]