Sustainability Benchmarking for Business

Making sustainability the centre of your business

It is clear, by becoming a sustainable organisation, we are contributing positively to society and the natural environment and reducing our carbon footprint on this earth. We also know that there is growing evidence that a focus on sustainability within the business, leads to significant financial benefits such as strengthened brand, competitive advantage, increased productivity, reduced costs on waste, improved economic and investment opportunities, as well as enhanced employee recruitment and retention.

Whether you are a business advisor or support agency, you need to know how to put sustainability at the centre of all business activities. With a future-focused mindset, businesses need to maintain and organise their business practices towards filling the gaps which they do not yet meet suitability standards.

Sustainability benchmarking through PROBE

PROBE provides an approach to sustainability assessment for business in which, social, and environmental advantage and risk can be evaluated and triumphed. With a science-based methodology, PROBE follows an approach that business enterprises can use to measure and compare key business practices and performance indicators to see how prepared they are for the challenges that lie ahead.


At HV Promotions, our in-house team takes the PROBE approach to identify what needs to be done and how these goals can be achieved. Sustainability is examined and discussed with regards to all aspects of the business. Reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint, increasing renewable materials as the resources for manufacturing and greater attention to whole product /service life-cycle (including end-of-life; reduction of environmental impact; attention to employment practices and societal implications) is given.

PROBE has provided HV Promotions with the necessary training and mentoring support to enable us to deploy PROBE – a powerful diagnostic assessment and benchmarking tool that aids in sustainability performance management and unlocks the improvement capabilities within any organisation. Through the use of this approach, HV Promotions can engage and motivate the whole business enterprise to make sustainability happen. for more information
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