Industry Development Roadmap

What is Roadmapping for sustainability?

Sustainability roadmapping is a powerful management tool for supporting strategy and innovation for business enterprises. It involves strategic planning in which business performance and, product innovation are supported by communication and alignment, providing a scalable platform for developing coherent strategic management toolkits. The effectiveness of roadmapping lies in the clarity and alignment of functional, organisational and collaborative needs that this strategy can provide.

Six fundamental questions define the graphical and collaborative nature of roadmaps:

  1. Why do we need to act?
  2. What should we do?
  3. How can we do it?
  4. Where do we want to go?
  5. How can we get there?
  6. Where are we now?


How can sustainability roadmaps help your business/organisation?

The benefits of roadmapping for business include increased flexibility and adaptability, a variety of aims can be strategised, more transparent decision making, enhancing of communications across teams within the business as well as the alignment of commercial and technical strategy.

With a well-designed roadmapping template, HV Promotions can assist business enterprises in strategising, implementing and maintaining sustainable business practices while upholding profitability.