Study Tours of Renewable Energy Projects in South Africa

LHA Management Consultants are planning yet another technical/commercial study tour for companies from the SA industry to visit five renewable energy plants - two Concentrated Solar (Tower- and Parabolic trough technologies), one Wind Farm (largest in SA) and 2 Photovoltaic (PV) Solar plants.

A study that was conducted for the Central Energy Fund in 2016 by LHA Management Consultants concluded that up to 85% locally industry content for these sizeable Private Power Producer Projects is (was) possible.

The aim, therefore, is to introduce Industry to these technologies for future reference to supply market opportunities (bid windows 4, 5 & 6) and to facilitate buyer/supplier business opportunities. Furthermore, it is intended to expose the industry to the generic possibilities of localisation for exports in this sector.

SAREC (South African Renewable Energy Council) are promoting the renewable energy sector in South Africa by acting as an umbrella body to the industry associations, representing specific renewable energy technologies, like Wind and Solar and who is serving as a collective custodian and voice for the RE industry in South Africa, have been consulted for these tours. Henning Viljoen and his team of energy efficiency consultants are able to assist organisations in solar power solutions and energy conservation.