• Company benchmarks and competence assessments

    A Licensed tool (Internationally recognised instrument) is applied to measure the following:
    Current business performance, plans for the business and capabilities to manage their fulfilment, generating business, working with employees, processes (operations), new markets, developing products and services.
    Managing money

  • Impact assessments for service organisations

    We collaborate with a SA license holder for an assessment methodology which scientifically measures the impact of a service provider’s programs/projects/initiatives/campaigns, etc. The essence of this assessment is described as “Better Evidence. Better Decision making”.

  • Technology Roadmaps for Sustainable Business

    With a well-designed road mapping template, we can assist business enterprises in, more transparent decision making, enhancing of communications across teams within the business as well as the alignment of commercial and technical strategies, implementing and maintaining sustainable business practices while upholding profitability.

  • Sustainability Assessments

    We, in collaboration with PROBE, provide an approach to sustainability assessment for business in which, social, and environmental advantage and risk can be evaluated and triumphed. With a science-based methodology, PROBE follows an approach that business enterprises can use to measure and compare key business practices and performance indicators to see how prepared they are for the challenges that lie ahead.

  • Sustainability Reporting - Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

    The GRI framework aims to enable third parties to assess environmental impact from the activities of the company and its supply chain. The standardised reporting guidelines (materiality-based 4.0 guidelines of 2014) concerning sustainability are contained within the GRI Indicator Protocol Set. The performance indicators (PI) include criteria on energy, biodiversity and emissions. There are 30 indicators ranging from EN1 (materials used by weight) to EN30 (total environmental expenditures by type of investment)

  • Quality Management

    We can assist you to improve the operations of your business by implementing ISO 9001:2015 (general operations) & ISO 14000:2015(environmental management)

  • Supplier and Enterprise Development for large companies

    We offer a number of small business development programmes tailor made for the different needs of the companies