Recycling in the Industry

It is crucial for industries to ensure their recycling solutions are seamlessly integrated into the business' operations. HV Promotions has the expertise and experience to introduce and maintain recycling solutions for the entire industry by customising our service towards your unique facility and operations, in order to add value to your business through sustainability.

By carefully curating recycling solutions for each industry company, the recycling solution is made to blend with corporate culture and the habits of employees in order to achieve seamless implementation and ensure eco-productivity. No solution is perfect therefore procedure outlines are provided in order to encourage improvement suggestion from employees and enhance the environmental responsibility on all aspect of the business team.

Recycling solutions for enterprises within the industry and industrial field can be tricky. By taking the guesswork out of your industrial waste solutions, we aid large business enterprises in efficient and straightforward recycling solutions to reduce the cost of waste, aid in waste disposal and removal, and increase sustainability.


Metal is one of the most common by-products of industry and industrial industry. HV Promotions is able to assist in aluminium scrap, used steel drums, and more scrap metal.



Plastics are one of the easiest to recycle, and thus we offer recycling and resell solutions for all industrial grades, baled or boxed plastic.


Because wood and plastic pallets have a long shelf life, we provide wood and plastic palettes for reuse as well as collect old or broken pallets for recycling.


We resell reusable resources such as spools, cores, tubes, and end boards, to industry in order to keep costs low.


If your industry enterprise has a unique by-product, HV Promotions will advise you on possible re-use or recycling strategies for your company.

Without compromising on the quality of your product, your business enterprise can be sustainable and make the green revolution second-nature to industry.